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It would be great if smartphones could sense moods – especially when they’ve dropped a call three times in five minutes. Engineers at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York have developed a prototype app that provides phones with a form of emotional intelligence that could have wide applications in phones and beyond.

In a scientific statement published last week in the journal Circulation, the American Heart Association suggested that Facebook and Twitter hold promise in the fight against childhood obesity.

San Francisco-based company is the maker of a low-cost, clinical-grade mobile heart monitor (fondly known as an electrocardiogram, or ECG, monitor) that fits over the back of your iPhone.

Research firm Nielsen and NM Incite, a joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey, published a comprehensive look at the state of the social media ecosystem in 2012

A post on Tumblr Monday morning that began, “Dearest ‘Tumblr’ users,” turned out to be a worm that infected close to 9,000 accounts on the popular micro-blogging site before Tumblr engineers fixed the problem.

Instagram is definitely not taking its foot off the gas, even after being acquired successfully by Facebook. Today, the team is introducing a widget to help you spread the word about all of your great random Instagram photos, wherever you live on the web.

There are many, many tools available to you as an entrepreneur to use Twitter to promote yourself and your business. 

Not only do the social media platforms shift every day, the rules of engagement are changing constantly, too. Can anybody on earth keep up with the real and rumored changes just to Facebook’s EdgeRank formula?